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Jan 18, 2022 · A joint Series between The Lancet Neurology and The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology covers current advances on diabetes and brain health, aiming to shed light on the complex interplay between the central nervous system and peripheral insulin regulation, on screening and prognostication of people at risk of cognitive dysfunction, on early …

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Lancet Neurology has an Impact Factor of 44·182 and is the world-leading clinical neurology journal (2020 Journal Citation Reports®, Clarivate 2021). We recognise that the Journal Impact Factor is just one measure of a journal’s performance and encourage authors to explore additional journal impact metrics , which provide a means to …

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Authors Aims and scope The Lancet Neurology is an authoritative forum for key opinion leaders across medicine, government, and health systems to influence clinical practice, explore global policy, and inform constructive, positive change worldwide.

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